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Oshot Therapy for Female Sexual Enhancement

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Female Sexual Enhancement

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The O-Shot is non-invasive, in office medical treatment designed to enhance and rejuvenate the female genitalia.

This is a two-part procedure that uses natural product to rejuvenate the clitoris and rejuvenate the physiology of the female genitalia. Prior to the actual procedure a local anesthetic is used which makes the entire procedure painless.

Renew Sexual Intimacy

As you age, desire for sexual intimacy decreases. O-Shot rejuvenates and enhances your female sexual experience.

Rejuvenation, Performance

Enjoy the full effects within 3 weeks of the procedure. Your feeling of sexual activity that can last up to 2 years.

No More Painful Intercourse

As a result of the O-Shot you will have greater orgasm, stay aroused longer, and ameliorate painful intercourse.

Increase Libido

Your libido can decrease not only as you age but could result from other medical conditions. The O-Shot will help ensure your libido is at maximum level.