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Tattoos don’t have to be permanent. Ageless Aesthetics of Florida offers laser tattoo removal treatments using the most powerful technology available. We can erase tattoos of any size or color using fewer treatments.

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What seemed like a great idea a few years back may not be so hot today. If you are looking for a fresh start without a tattoo, laser tattoo removal may be your solution. Sometimes certain colors can be difficult to remove during the process. Fortunately for you, our lasers are finely tuned to remedy this problem! Whether it be for:

  • A new job
  • A relationship change
  • A new take on your image

It’s never too late to get a tattoo removal! Don’t wait to begin taking the first steps toward freshening up your image. Make an appointment with Ageless Aesthetics to get the results you’ve been looking for!


PiQo4 Laser by Lumenis®

Tattoo removal has been revolutionized by the new PiQo4 Laser by Lumenis®, which is the quickest and most powerful tattoo removal laser currently available. This allows us to remove tattoos of all colors more quickly and with fewer treatments. It is exclusively available in Central Florida at Ageless Aesthetics.

The PiQo4 laser combines multiple types of energy wavelengths in up to 15 spot sizes, which makes it more powerful and more versatile than many other lasers on the market. It also treats the broadest range of ink colors compared to other technologies.